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Common initiative for non-discrimination “Different, but equal”

2007 is announced as a European year for equal opportunities for all, one day before the Human Rights Day–10th December, more civil association and among others The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, held press conference where the common initiative for non-discrimination “Different, but equal” was promoted, the aims are increasing the awareness for non-discrimination and the concept for equal opportunities, legislation of a common Law for non-discrimination and establishment of independant comission/body for protection of human rights.

The civil associations informed why they consider that for Macedonia activities for antidiscrimination are essential, what has been done so far about antidiscrimination and what are the next steps.

Macedonia does not have an common Law for Anti-discrimantion.This issue is not regulated or is not clearly regualted in The Laws of the Public Services as: health protection, education, social security and other services, and there are articles adverse of the international treaties. Macedonia with approaching toward EU is bonded to legislate a common Law for Antidiscrimination.

Macedonia has Law for Equality of the women and males and initiatives as the Law for Handicap People’s Rights, which is in a parliamentary procedure. 

Macedonia has a legislation (Labour Law) which forbids discrimination in employment process and on the work place, on the basis of: race and the skin color, the sex, the age, the health state and invalidity, religious, political and other convincement, syndicate membership, national (ethnic) origin, social origin, family status and estate state, sex orientation or because of other private states. These regulations are in accordance with the European Union (EU) Law.

Macedonia dose not have an independant body for protection of discrimination. The victims of discrimantion in the public sector can address to the Ombudsman.

The victims of discrimantion can ask for legal protection (in the regular courts), or to submit an iniciative to the Constitutional court (in the cases of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religious, national, social and political ....), and also a civil organisation can give them support.

The state commited herself (with national programm) to bring general legislation regarding anti-discrimination until 2009. We demand a National strategy for general legislation for anti-discrimination to be brought in 2008 and an independent commission for human rights to be formed until 2009.

In this initiative the following NGO’s are included:

Polio Plus: www.polioplus.org.mk

Centar for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: www.chrcr.org.mk
Mesecina-Gostivar: www.mesecina.org.mk

Association for Democratic Initiatives-Gostivar: www.adi-macedonia.org

First Children’s Embassy in the Wolrd-Megjashi: www.childrensembassy.org.mk

Macedonian Women Right’s Center: www.mwrc.com.mk

HOPS: www.hops.org.mk

MASSO: www.masso.org.mk

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation: www.mcms.org.mk