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The first children embassy in the world, “Megjashi” from Macedonia (PDAS Megjashi) works with a "vision dedicated to a more just world for every child and follows the motto that all the ideals of the world are less worth than the tears of a child".

The use and implementation of these child protection policies are the ways in which PDAS Megjashi ensures that they are in accordance with international documents, norms and standards relating to protection and promotion of the rights of the child, while following the positive legislation and normative-legal documents and concepts relating to the educational system in Macedonia. 

The paper includes 4 elements / chapters. It is harmonized with the international documents, tools and standards for protection of the children and their rights, and has been piloted in several elementary schools and is in compliance with the Law of Elementary Education, Official Gazette of the RN Macedonia No. 161 from 5 August 2019, Article 5 and Article 66. 

In terms of prevention, we could use the tools that are already prepared and available, including instruments, procedures, violence, abuse and neglect type indicators, especially because a number of relevant institutions were included in their development, carried out in accordance with international documents and were piloted/ tested in several elementary schools. 

In addition to prevention, the content offered in the Brochure can very much assist in the development of concept documents, bylaws, development of preventive programs, etc. since they define the types of violence, abuse, neglect, providing directions on how to work on positive discipline in the school, on positive parental discipline, cooperation with the parents, etc.