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New Year Cards 2011/12

The First Children Embassy in the World-Megjashi conducts the seventh annual sale of New Year cards for accomplishing their activities (all of the embassy’s activities are free of charge).
Cards income is allocated for:
S.O.S child and youth helpline             0800 1 22 22       (free helpline)
 Fighting against paedophilia and all types of violence over children
The purposes of the daily centre in the embassy for children abstaining school
The free legal service in the embassy

Cards with themes 2, 4, 5 have the following dimensions:  16, 5 cm x 11, 5 cm
Cards with themes 1, 3, 4 have the following dimensions: 20, 5 cm x 10,5 cm
This year cards (themes t2, t3, t4, t5 and t6) can be found at price of 45, 00 den. Including an envelope, while m7, m8, m9 and m10 are in limited edition with a price of 35, 00 den. including an envelope.
In the cards price, value added tax are not introduced, since Children's Embassy Megjashi is not a tax payer.
The inner look of the cards is left empty, prior to printing desirable message or logo, if the order exceeds 100 samples.
The price of printing is 7, 00 MKD (denars). in black-white or 9, 00 den. in colour.
As long as the order exceeds 500 samples, the printing a message or logo in black-white is for free. If the order exceeds  150 samples and concerns location in Skopje, the order is then delivered directly by us to your address.
The New Year cards can be ordered through this phone number:
Land line:             02/2465 - 316          
Fax: 02/2463 - 900    
Mail and e-mail address:
,,Kosta Novakovikj” 22 a, 100 Skopje