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Parents don’t care, and the competent keep their eyes closed

Thousands of children DAILY WORK HARD PHYSICAL WORK Parents don't care and competent keep their eyes closed, children across the country suffer from abuse, exploitation and violence. Six percent of children under age five are not registered at birth, thus limiting their access to public services. Children are abused at home and on the streets, where some of them live and work. Only in Macedonia over 2,000 children are living on the streets in great poverty and are forced to beg or to work hard physical work alongside adults.

These children often become victims of merciless abuse of child labor. Intimidate the figure that the majority of children whose labor is exploited, less than 12 years, and work hours difficult and strenuous tasks in extremely poor working conditions. The competent institutions say that there is a field, make checks, but have established no such case. But it is enough to get out on the street and see kids selling fruit, things, work in services for washing cars. Parents are responsible children who are victims of abuse of the worst forms of child labor is not in school. The reasons why children are exploited labor in the low economic standard of much of the population. the Ombudsman's office say that they have the initiative to amend the legislation so these children can enter as a separate social category that should be provided with special assistance and protection. - Several years ago when we had children from Gevgelija-Strumica region were used by their parents to work in the field. These children do not attend classes because they were exploited labor of the parents. The abuse of child labor are threatened basic human rights. Proposed and submitted an initiative to amend the legislation so these children can enter as a separate social category that should be provided special assistance and social protection. Following our initiative the Municipality is committed to bring this additional category by Law on social protection are predicted to form day care centers to help and to go from street to engage in education and work with their parents, but the problem still stands - said Nevenka Krusharovska the office of the Ombudsman.According to her, these children should engage in education and work with their parents. - The most common fact that we have children who are abused by parents and because it is suggested in day care centers to work with parents, children engage in education and to provide health care - she said.Poverty drives them to work Child labor is closely associated with poverty.Many poor families are unable to pay tuition and therefore more attention is paid to the work of the child than his education, according to the Helsinki Committee. According to the UNICEF country has the second highest rate of juvenile delinquency in the region in Bulgaria. Other studies show that about 70 percent of children aged 2 to 14 years are at a physical or psychological abuse at home or by a caregiver, while 16 percent are exposed to severe physical punishment. To cope with these problems , ~ UNICEF assists the government to strengthen laws on child protection, to provide training for persons who apply the law, to establish databases for efficient information sharing and improve monitoring to ensure quality of services provided. has traditionally children who lack parental care who have disabilities or who have been victims of abuse are placed in large institutions where they are given inadequate attention. UNICEF helps the Center for Social Work to create a database that will track children who need protective care. Currently the work around the documentation is performed manually during which ensures consistency and often do not include the required information. Information vary from one to another employee so that there is no reliable source of data - said Biljana Lubarovska, head of the program for child protection in UNICEF.The First Children's Embassy "in the World" in Macedonia, although primary and secondary education are compulsory still 18,500 children outside the education system. At least 2,000 children spend their childhood on the streets and an easy target to be exploited and abused. Concerned citizens often occur in "the World" and report cases in which children work hard physical work. - If the state provide free and compulsory quality education for every child can close the circle of illiteracy, poverty, child exploitation and abuse. If street children engage in school will be part of the educational process and have other habits and needs - say from "the World." The hard physical work to pornography worst forms of child labor are all kinds slavery, selling and trading with children, forced and compulsory labor, use mediation or offer a child for prostitution, production of pornography use, mediation of child illegal activity, especially in production and drug trafficking. Committee on the Rights of the Child United Nations over a year ~ recommended the Government to strengthen enforcement of laws and policies on labor relations and to explore the root causes to prevent children at risk of child labor. Government Macedonia's efforts to reduce child labor by opening day care centers. There majority of children who for various reasons are not included in the regular educational process, come everyday. The day centers are given food, clothing, perform basic hygiene needs and receive basic educational content, but no certificate of completed school year. The First Children's Embassy "in the World" day care centers are not a permanent solution that will provide the basic rights of children. It is the right home, education and protection from abuse of child labor. - Most of these children after a stay in the daycare center once before on the street and work. The reason for this is not their desire, or you do not want to enjoy the children's game. These children feel obliged to provide subsistence for his family. It is in rural areas where Children Working in agricultural work, animal husbandry or household - say from "the World". Transit Center next month Transit Center that will be taken care of street children will be opened in Skopje in early next month . This center will operate 24 hours, a novelty if it knows that by now these centers cater for children from the street just after eight hours and did not give any efficacy to solve problems with children beggars. - Day care centers for street children work eight hours and it has proved inefficient in terms of what children are back on the street because of the sloppiness of their parents. The transit center will accommodate children from the street and you can keep them for 24 hours. This period is sufficient to launch an initiative to revoke the parental rights - Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Spiro Risteski. children are abused by parents and therefore in day care centers should work with parents, says Nevenka Krusharovska the office of the Public Attorney for 3 years cared for 631 children in the past three years in day care centers for street children were cared for more than 631 children. The two families were deprived of parental rights and the procedure for subtracting the two families. Last year against 119 individuals have taken various measures to reduce juvenile delinquency in Skopje. Filed 30 criminal and 42 misdemeanor charges. Until now removed 11 children from two families. Dispossessed children will be placed in a distressed families and / or any of the state institutions. (Research Project is supported by the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism and the project SCOOP) Daniel Veljanovski, Valentina ANGELOVSKI

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