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Uncertain fate of the Children Expelled from Sweden

The two children, nine and five years old respectively, with Macedonian heritage, on 24 march this year are going to be deported here
First, they will be settled in an orphanage and after that the possibilities to live with close relatives or foster family will be considered. This is the final decision about the case which became scandal in Sweden, where doctors and lawyers protested against the deportation of the children in their motherland, as the do not speak the native language, but only the Swedish. Experts for social welfare say that the case should be pursued with a lot of attention in order to avoid the children’s rights breaking as well as to avoid sealing of their fate.

“The children are Albanians, they have relatives in Aracinovo, but it is still unclear if they want to take them. The deportation decision is made by the Swedish government, we just implement it. The children will be accepted, while for successful communication with them we will use translator,” say from the CSW from Skopje.

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi follows the situation and asks for protection of their rights. They haven’t got any concrete information bym the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as by the Ombudsmen from Macedonia and Sweden respectively, in order to investigate the concrete reasons for deportation of the children.

Translate by Petar Todorovki


Children from Sweden Will Be Expelled to Macedonia 18.03.2011 - 10:57 | Macedonia

Abandoned by the European institutions and their own mother, nine-year-old Besa and five-year-old Arifi Besijan will wake up in one of Macedonian homes after their five-year-long dream of living in Europe.

On 24 March they will be deported to Macedonia from the Swedish city Lund.

The father of these minors is deceased and their mother, after several unsuccessful attempts to obtain residence in the country, vanished without a trace.

Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that the mother of the children even at the end of 2009 for the first time applied for residence in Sweden.

On the other hand, in the First Children's Embassy in the World Megjasi say that they are well-informed about this case, they will monitor it carefully and if there are any violations of the children’s rights they will react accordingly.

Maybe more absurd is the fact that even their closest relatives from Aracinovo, their birthplace, refuse to take care of the children who do not speak Macedonian.

This case raised a great dust in Sweden as well.

Due to the announced expulsion, two Swedish doctors lodged a formal protest to the Director General of the Swedish Immigration Bureau. The doctors, who are known to have longest experience with such cases, said they had never seen a similar case. The children’s lawyer also protested against the initiative for their expulsion.

In the Swedish Immigration Bureau say that they do not want to comment on individual cases but yet they will not allow for the children to travel alone without being assured that the children will be accepted after they arrive at home.

Elena Boskovska

Translated by Aleksandar Dimitriev