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The deportation of the children from Sweden delayed

Gothenburg , 22 March 2011. The Deportation of the two children, five and eight years old respectively, from Lund, Sweden, to Macedonia is delayed until the next decision, according to the decision of the Swedish Migration Board, according to the Swedish TV station CBT. 
The  review of the decision started when couple of doctors from Sweden protested against the decision the children to be deported without their parent.  
“There are   some new circumstances related to this case, which we must investigate,” said Mikael Ribbenvik, Head of Division for Legal Control at the Migration Board. 

The  children who according to the previous announcements were set to be deported in Macedonia on Thursday, this week, are settled in an orphanage in Sweden. They are Swedish residents since 2006. 

Their   mother is hiding from Swedish authorities since the family’s asylum request was denied, while the father is dead.

Swedish   daily newspaper Sid Svenska Dagbladet says that the case has gained significant publicity in Macedonia, where the papers say that “the relatives of the children refuse to accept the children and take care of them.

” Sid  Svenska Dagbladet also says that according to the Macedonian press Macedonian social services are in constant contact with the Swedish authorities and they expressed their readiness to accept the children and “to do anything they can in order to protect their interests.”