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REPORT GAW 2011This year Macedonia took participation in the Global campaign for education within which is implemented the global week of action which lasted from 2nd to 8th May 2011, with the theme: “Education for women and girls now!” Invitations were sent to all 85 municipalities in Macedonia and 300 schools to participate along with guidelines and inspirational letters. 
Based on the received reports from schools, the action was successfully carried out with the preparation of presentations, reading of inspirational letters from the Queen Ranija from Jordan and Marla Steyerd Konrad  and the participation of many students which actively participate in the discussions and give their own proposals for the inclusion of girls in the education system.

In the schools it was noted that in the lectures a separate accent will be given to the following contents:

- Gender inequality in the education

- Education in the developed and undeveloped countries

- Religious affiliation

- Social position and environment


As a result of the lectures a discussion will be initiated with the schools which expressed and sent their thoughts and messages:

- Continuous implementation of the campaign on a global scale for education in order to include the children in the education process especially the women population.

- The country to motivate the citizens for the opportunity for equal education for all, with the separation of free schools, free advertisement material, as well as proper financial help.

- To decrease the number of illiterate parents, with which the number of illiterate children will decrease.

The final event was held in the Daily Center in the First Children’s Embassy in the World for the children that are not included in the education process. The goal of the action was presented in front of the children and it was indicated what the significance of an education can have on their life. The children showed a big interest and desire to be a part of the education process. Also we received the interest and support from the citizens and other non governmental organizations who were informed about the event by the media.

The campaign is international and on world level is coordinated by Global March Against Child Labour.
On national level, already 10th year in a row, the campaign is being coordinated and organized by the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi.