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Reaction for recent cases of violence at schoolsHaving in mind the recent cases of violence in several schools in last few months and the most recent one, which ended tragically with death of Muhamed Ali Jasari, the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi expresses revolt and concern because of the lack of security and safety of children in schools. Also we express our deep condolences on the death of Muhamed Ali Jasari.
Is it necessary for the worse to happen to make us start with pedagogical and educational measures for better safety of children in schools? When will something more be changed about the responsibility of teachers, psychological-pedagogical services and school principals as responsible not only for children’s learning success but their education and behavior well?

Children, parents and community need answers of these questions while waiting for specific measures from the Ministry of Education and Science. 18 years old young man was killed. He just wanted to help his friend Darko!

The death happened in the school yard. Who will take the responsibility for this case? Why there’s lack of preventive programs and activities for violence at schools?

Will finally the Ministry of Education and Science understand that including activities for non-violent solving of conflicts and peace education in all segments of education would help toward prevention of violence?

Violence in schools happens almost everyday. Children are scared, as well as their parents. There are security service employees at schools, while no one works on prevention of violence and non-violent solving of conflicts. Children are not safe at schools. Neither the official authorities guarantee their safety.

First Children’s Embassy since many years ago has stood for non-violent solving of conflicts, especially in multiethnic schools and has promoted the idea for peace education in Macedonia. Peace education is essential for handling with everyday violence, sharing values of peace, dignity and respecting others in the community and securing adequate non-violent meaning of solving of conflicts in everyday life of children and youths.  Promotion of peace as basic social value and exclusion of violence as a way of dealing with conflicts is the best prevention. Peace and non-violence mean exclusion of injustice and not committing injustice, it is acting against the injustice, leaving a chance for changing while being solidarity with those who suffer injustice. For that reason, the influence through educational components in schools and families are essential for development of non-violent behavior among youths. Peace educational enables early prevention in suppression of violence through changing the attitudes, beliefs and skills of dealing with conflicts and adoption of new skills for positive social communication.

First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi believes that only with strategic partnership between government educational institutions, civic organization, media and dedicated individuals and parents, schools without violence is possible, as well as participation in culture of peace, letting Macedonia to grow without treats of violence.