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Nobody learns how to recognize pedophilesНова Македонија, број 22293 | вторник 31.5.2011 Автор: М.Р.Ј.

Institutions pay insufficient attention in further education for teachers and parents to recognize specific signs when a child is a victim of sexual abuse. They should be able to recognize the reactions of children victims when there are manifested frequent physical complaints, urinary infections, depression, isolation, fear, silence and taenje.
State institutions are not sufficiently active to prevent sexual abuse of children, pedophilia and incest. Not only the Ministry of Education has no preventive programs to protect children from them, but teachers are not trained enough to be able to educate children about prevention, warn the people of the organizations to protect the rights of children, following the recent cases of incest and pedophilia in Skopje, Gostivar and Kicevo.

The discovery of Gostivar man that for a year and a half sexually abused and impregnated his then minor daughter opened the question whether the environment and institutions can promptly identify and isolate pedophiles. This aspect of the present cases showed that these sexual offenses have been made by persons who knew the victim. Moreover it was discovered that they will repeat the action to the same child several times.

Parents, educators and kindergarten teachers in primary schools should bring children's initial information about the professional and other assistance. These institutions where they are cared for and educate children are a important and decisive role in the referral of children to the relevant institutions that can help not only when children are victims or witnesses of abuse but how to proactively self protect or to recognize and prevent inappropriate behavior of adults, according to the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi.

- Institutions paying insufficient attention in further education for teachers and parents to recognize specific signs when a child is a victim of sexual abuse. Signs should be recognized of the reactions of children when the victims manifested frequent physical complaints, urinary infections, depression, isolation, fear, silence and taenje. Children normally in these types of circumstances lose all success. It is very important parental care and attention when children are victims of sexual abuse. They can help children in overcoming the trauma that can leave a lasting imprint. All children must have guaranteed that if anything like that happen to them, there will be someone that they can trust - says Dragi Zmijanac, director of the Children's Embassy Megjashi.

The increased growth of pedophilia in our country presents the alarm that it is time to start activities in the country. So far we have had many reactions to public institutions to sanction and punish perpetrators of sexual assault of children, pedophilia however we still have a negative trend, the number of cases is growing. According to an analysis of the Ministry of Interior in the first half of 2010 the area of sexual offences committed over minors, registered a total of 41 crime committed over 43 minors. In the same period there were no cases of incest, which was an improvement over 2009 when there were five such crimes observed. The year has no official information, but experts say the numbers are on the rise due to the fact that this act is only applied in exceptional cases, because these victims are usually concealed from the family not to reveal the perpetrator, who is a close relative of the victim.

Sexual abuse is particularly traumatic for the child and leaves far-reaching consequences to their overall development. Numerous reactions for functional protection of children in state institutions have elevated the threshold of intolerance towards rapists of children. The penalties for these serious crimes increased at least 8 or 10 years. But unfortunately, although it increased the penalties for these serious crimes, unless they are repressive, they don’t have a preventive character.

-Paedophiles who are in prison for the crime of abusing children should be subjected to long term therapy and their behaviour should continue to be monitored even after they have served their sentence, because they often repeat their offences. 

It would be best for child victims to begin psychiatric therapy immediately after being abused by a paedophile, no later then than 72 hours after the abuse to begin psychiatric treatment. Children who are victims of incest need to be separated from the perpetrator, if the family is not able to accept the victim and there is adequate support and acceptance, the child should be placed in a foster family, which is especially trained to work with children victims of sexual abuse - advised Zmijanac.

He tried to rape her daughter in a cemetery

A father tried to rape his 13 year old daughter near the cemetery Butel.

Police are investigating whether the father had only once tried to sexually harassing his own daughter, or it had also happened in the past.

The forty-year-old male from Skopje, lived in the neighbourhood Shurka in early May, and tried to rape his own daughter near the city cemetery Butel. The girl managed to save herself and escape.

After nearly a month of hiding the daughter reported that her father attempted to rape her. Police are still investigating the case because there was information that the father also harassed his daughter in the past.

Translated by: Sani Stevkovska