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Mother has starved and locked up her child for a yearMother has starved and locked up her child for a year. The scandalous case revealed by the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi exposed the family drama which lacked reaction by the institutions A mother has starved and locked up her child in the home for a whole, year and hasn’t let him go to school.

During that time the child has lived in fear and it was neglected an abused. The child drama happened as a result of a broken up family, in which the mother took the responsibility over the child, although the father had the custody. The parent and the relatives who had the custody asked for help from the centers for social work and the police in order to take the child away from the neglecting mother and protect him. But, their requests were not considered. The school where the child attended classes informed the social workers. They made efforts to visit the mother and investigate why the child does not attend school, but without any success. The mother either was not home or did not open the door. This is the most recent case reported on the SOS helpline for children and youth at First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi. They blame for poor performance, rigidity and irresponsibility of the centers for social work in acting in the best interest of the child. “In the inability to determine who is competent to act in this case, the centers for social work left this child unprotected for a whole year, although they knew he has lived with an abusive parent,” say from Megjashi, confirming that the parent-guardian struggled with the institutions and took it away from the divorced wife in early March. The whole case was revealed after a call of an adult, who reported the case with the nine years old child. According to his saying, the parents have been divorced for a long time, while the mother, who has no custody, has never shown interest to get in touch with him. That happened last year for first time, when there was reached an agreement for the child to spend one week with the other parent. “When the agreed time for seeing expired, the parent who is not guardian decided to stay with him. Although she is not in a position to take care of him, due to a history of antisocial behavior and narcotics abuse, she did not care for him for a whole year, he was locked up at home and starved, lived in fear and was neglected,” say from Megjashi. According to them, the inefficiency of state institutions and the inability to determine who has the competence to act in this case now question the optimal development of the child. “The basic rights of the child of education, health protection, optimal growth and development are violated. The child is traumatized, feared by the violence and neglect that has suffered for a whole year. For a whole year this child was left to destiny,” explain from the Children’s Embassy. After a long struggle with the institutions the father finally got the child. In order to avoid this kind of cases in future and in order institutions to react on time and prevent such family dramas, Children’s Embassy Magjashi called the centers for faster determination of the competence. According to them, social inspection should have better insight into the work of CSW and sanctioning the responsible for inefficient work.