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May 17th- International Day of the SOS line for assistance and support to the children in the world. International Day of the SOS line for assistance and support to the children in the world.  
The SOS telephone for children and young 0800 12222 at the First Children’s Embassy in the World (free line for customers of T-home) On the occasion 17 - May - International Day of SOS line for assistance and support to children in the world The First Children’s Embassy in the World informs the public about the state of our free SOS helpline for children and young 0800 12222 and at the same time reminds us of the importance of the lines to help the children.  

The  SOS telephone for children and young 0800 12222 within the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi has continuously been working for 17 years. 

From   the year 1993-2010 18 023 cases were registered. In 2010, the SOS telephone for children and young 0800 12222 answered 239 calls and the free legal service intervened in 105 cases. The calls in the year 2010 were related to children divorce proceedings (19,25%), followed by family abuse (17,99%), abuse in educational institutions (7,95%), sexual abuse (5,44%), expert advice and information (5,44%), problems with mutual communications (5,00%), expert advice and information for the physical situation of the children and young (4,60%), prostitution, begging, juvenile delinquency, problems with addiction, health problems, love affair between a minor and an adult (3,36%), information on pregnancy, problems with proving that you are the legal father and problems with adoption (3,36%), child victims of abuse of adults (2,93%). abuse on the street between pupils of the same age group (1,67%), institutional abuse (1,67%), abuse from the media (1.26%) 

More  reasons exist why the children call the SOS free number 0800 12222. The children present a vulnerable group in any society. They are involved in family problems and dependent upon the procedures of the adults, which don’t always use their conscience and properly deal with children. For this reason the telephone lines give children the opportunity to get help and escape from their problems. The function of the SOS telephones is of knowledge and importance because they represent an important mechanism linking hundreds of children allowing the voices of every girl and boy to be heard. Their mission is to answer to the children’s needs for care and protection. It is good to know that because of the help/support the children are only separated by one phone call. 

This   service enables many young people, students and professionals - psychologists, social workers, lawyers and so on. on a voluntary basis. They are first faced with an appeal for help. Simultaneously, the First Children's Embassy in the World, with the intervention of these cases, cooperate with the Ombudsman, and for certain cases when its necessary to guide its intervention to the police, courts, social welfare centers, schools and other relevant institutions.The First Children's Embassy in the World's international network of Child Helpline International - which unites SOS assistance services to children from countries around the world. So on May 17 jointly commemorate the fact that a child is not alone.The Free SOS line for children and youth 0800 12222 offers services that are of great importance to help children and protect their rights. We appeal to the government, local government, telecommunications services and social responsible business partners to financially support SOS lines that help children. We give thanks to Macedonian Telecom in 2005 which provides a free line to call for all our Children's and young people.