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Incest under the pretext of revenge The man from Gostivar M.I. (42) who is behind will await the results of the investigation which will show whether the fellow citizens rightfully call him “Gostivar’s Fricl” or if he is right when he claims that the whole story that he sexually abused his minor daughter is falsely set up by his second wife, who wants to take revenge on him because he told her to leave their home. After an initial arrest of 48 hours, the investigative judge from the district court in Gostivar, by request from the prosecution, yesterday gave M.I. a 30 day arrest behind bars. The jail sell was determined after GBP Tetovo two days ago brought in criminal charges for incest against him, three days after the case was known to the public. 
The case with the alleged incest is still wrapped in a veil of confusion because the 19 year old girl has changed her statement a few times.

In front of the inspectors she said that her father forced her to have sexual relations with him and that she conceived from him, however she later changed her statement and said that she conceived from her husband. The people from the centre of social work were surprised from the news, stating that they didn’t know about the abuse because the girl came to them to ask for help about her marital problems.

The crew at “Dnevnik” yesterday attempted to enter into the family home of the suspect from where the striking story that the father on more occasions sexually abused his own daughter came from.

However all we found was a closed door, and a tall wall on the street Symatovka, in which this family from Albanian nationality has lived in for a long time. The gates on the houses on the street open and then quickly close. Here live Macedonians, Turks and Albanians. None of the neighbors want to speak publicly with the reporters. The few curiously approached the conversation. Mainly for everyone the news that their neighbor enjoyed being the sexual abuser is striking. According to the few informative statements from the neighbors, the family seems like a withdrawn and quite family. M.I. was left without a wife and therefore remarried and they lived together with his two daughters from his first marriage. In the meantime, they didn’t hear anything else, and they didn’t see the neighbors again M.I. for whom they say that he spent the majority of his time in his birth village Lomnica. They found out about the alleged incest from the media. Because of the delicacy of the case, the court is cautious and informed that the details about the investigation will not be made available to the public. So far they have taken all necessary actions to clarify this situation, which resonated strongly in the public of Gostivar.

Based on the report by the police, which is based on the statements from the girl, in 2009 when she was a minor on many occasions she was sexually abused. This happened in the car of the suspect and in the house in the village Lomnica. The abuser threatened the daughter and the mother that he would kill them if they told anyone what was happening.

The victim with marital problems 


From the centre for social work in Gostivar, they say that the girl came for help last week for help to solve the marital disagreements. The girl was married last year in the mountainous village Kalishta. Some time ago her husband left for Italia and abandoned her. Meanwhile, he called her and told her that he no longer wants to live with her.

The social workers needed a medical person because the girl was 4 months pregnant and was asking for a way to be taken care of. The estimates of the center of social work are that they are working with an educationally neglected figure.

- After we talked we determined that she is an adult and has a place to live at. However if it is determined that she was a victim of sexual abuse or is under some type of threat, we will take measures within our authority. – say from the center.

The suspect from Gostivar to the statements given to the police denies that he sexually abused his daughter. He said that the whole thing is about his wife getting revenge, who is the stepmother of the girl, due to the disagreements that they had in the past. 
Translated by: Aleksandra Stevkovska