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House locked 2 years after the incest ocuredUtrinski vesnik, No. 3589 четврток, 26 мај 2011

The daughter kept silent about the incest due to fear and threats. The father defends himself and says that it is about revenge.
Gostivar-  - The padlock on the iron door of the high concrete fence of the house of the man from Gostivar is suspected of raping his daughter for two years. The neighbors in shock say that they found out about the case from the media. The residents of the house, which was locked yesterday, say that they know very little. The horror, which according to the police occurred on their street, they have nor heard nor felt that this terrible of a secret was hiding in the neighborhood. The father according to them spent the majority of his time in the village of his birth in Gostivar, and rarely came to his current house in Gostivar.

The  incest committed by the 42 year old M.I. on his 19 year old daughter, and the attempt to due the same to his 17 year old daughter upset the Macedonian public and is a hot topic in the Gostivar Bazaar. The police filed criminal charges against him yesterday for parental sexual abuse for which a criminal charge awaits ranging from 5-10 years. It is suspected that in 2009 he used force to sexually abuse his minor daughter, who he had from his first marriage. According to the daughter the rape mainly occurred in her father’s car and in the support facility to their family home. The daughter and her step mother were scared to report the case because the rapist threatened to kill them.

The  wife of the detained, three days ago reported to the police that her marital companion often beats and harasses her. And the next day, accompanied by her husband’s daughter from his first marriage, she visited the Gostivar police station and reported that the girl has been raped by her father for the part two years. M.I was arrested and has been in custody for the short period of 48 hours, which expires today at 14 o’clock. The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi thinks that he should remain in custody until the case is closed, because there have been previous situations where the suspect exercised pressure on the victim to change their statement.

Speaking     about the incest the girl who has developmental disabilities, said in front of the investigators that her father forced her to have sexual relations with him. She said that she conceived while being with him, but later changed her statement that she conceived with an unmarried man. The father has rejected the accusations claiming that they are untrue and tales from his wife, in relations to revenge for impaired marital relations.

For  clarification of this complicated case, swabs have been taken from the girl in order to make a DNA analysis to determine the truth.

Cases   of incest are not news to the public in the country. Last year, a scandal was released in Veles when a 42 year old father sexually abused his three daughters, of whom the oldest was seven years old. Also in this case the father denied the allegations and the case reached the court rooms. The residents of Rashche were in shock when three years ago it was released that a 37 year old men from their neighborhood beat his wife for months, locked her in a room, and after that raped their daughter. The 17 year old girl was found by the “Alpha” police as frantically running through the village, fleeing from her violent father.

First  Children's Embassy in the World “Megjashi” indicates that the children mainly keep quite about the traumas that happen to them, due to shame, fear, then that they don’t want to lose the breadwinner in the family, and they don’t want to tarnish the family. In the past the big problem was the small files that were given to convicted perpetrators. A 40 year old man from Tetovo was sentenced to three years in prison for raping his nine year old daughter. The competent indicate that now there is a shift in terms of penalties determined by the court, but the crimes are still not receiving appropriate penalties. (K.K.-G.A.)

 Translated by: Sani Stevkovska