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Global action for including the young in the educational process More than 18 thousand children are illiterate. 

Even with mandatory elementary and secondary education, there is a large number of young children who are outside of school desks, and analysis show that 200.000 people haven’t finished elementary education, according to “Megjashi”.  

In Macedonia there are around 18.500 illiterate children. Instead of spending their time in school desks they spend their time on the streets, begging. Statistics show that a large number of adults that haven’t finished elementary and secondary education although the laws have made this education mandatory. 

-One in every 5 people in the world is unable to read this. The larger numbers of these are women, about 40 million girls don’t have any education, and they are not enrolled in school, according to the first child embassy in the world “Megjashi”.

According to them they are not a part of the process of the education, which causes a risk factor for the children which are pulled into the worst forms of child work, as well it increases their deviant manner.

This is the main reason for the formation of the world campaign for bringing together all children in the mandatory process of education. The reason for the campaign is to bring awareness to the need to include young people in the obligatory education process in the whole world, in the global week of action which is held every year at the international level. The national coordinator for Macedonia is “Megjashi”.

Since then part of the foreseeing actions of the campaign are reading past inspirational letters of a few women in which they narrate how education brought on positive changes to their lives and the stories of a few women are read in front of children in the daily centre for children that don’t attend school, in the offices of the first children’s embassy in the world “Megjashi”.

This years theme is education for women and girls with the slogan “That is law; Achieve that law: Education for women and girls now!” and the under slogan “Yes she can”.

For that reason more than 100 countries in the whole world are going to join together their politicians, activists and citizens which will have to listen to the inspirational stories of women and girls which talk about the role of education in their lives. In Macedonia in the weekly campaign which is going to last until May 9th, there will be an organized event with the name “Big stories”, which is going to take place at school during a class period, with the slogan “That is law; Achieve that law: Education for women and girls now!” Also teachers and psychologists are going to have the job to explain to the children in a convenient and informative way that 69 million children in the world do not attend school, don’t know how to read and write and that the larger number of these are girls, announced “Megjashi”.


The campaign is international and on world level is coordinated by Global March Against Child Labour.
On national level, already 10th year in a row, the campaign is being coordinated and organized by the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi.

Translate by Sani Stevkovska