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Cruel Story about Destroyed ChildhoodThe child’s cry revealed the Golgotha of nine years old boy who was starved and locked up by his mother

Jouranlist Daniela Trpcevska


Child’ s cry which was constantly heard from a house in one town in Macedonia revealed the Golgotha of nine years old boy who was locked up at home by his mother for a whole year. Social workers say that they struggled for months to save the child from the mother who starved him, locked him up and did not let him go to school, which gives a completely new light on the case. After a year of fear and trauma, the child is finally deprived from the mother and is now in institutions. From the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy they say that they will charge both parents for neglecting their own child. After one year in isolation, the boy returned to school and his friends. Now a mixed team will work with him in order to overcome the traumas that he has experienced during the one-year-long isolation.
The  Ombudsman was also interested about this shocking story. They say they have requested information about the case and will demand responsibility from both the divorced parents for neglecting the child, who has not attended school for a whole year. “We review the option to propose the institutions to set a new guardian for the child, who will give him the necessary care and love,” say from the Ombudsman.
The  story about nine years old boy that lived in isolation for a year, without friends and parental care, starved and neglected by his mother, shocked the public. It was revealed by the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi after the report on the SOS helpline.
Bu t,  the story about the destroyed childhood, the tears that no one could see, and the treats and violence with which the social workers were faced in their attempt to save the neglected child, started a long time ago. The child lived with his grandmother until seven, the next two years, first lived with his father and his new wife, after what ended starved and locked up by his mother and her illegitimate husband.

In  order to get familiar with the happenings about this case, we contacted with the Center for Social Welfare in Gevgelija. The folder for this complex case was loaded with files that witness for the battle to save the nine years old boy from the abuse that he has suffered at home.

From  the CSW in Gostivar they say that their battle for locating and abduction of the child lasted for months. The whole story began when the father, who has custody over the child, decided to entrust him to the mother, and signed an agreement at the CSW in Skopje.

“Although  the mother is drug addict, she gets  right to care for the child enrolled in school, but that did not attend classes, and in December last year began to receive notification from the school, "explains Director of Gevgelija Centre ocial Welfare, Stana Petrova.

  From  that point, so in the next few months a real search for the little boy began. Social workers say that they were often going to their home to check what happens with the child, they often explored “as detectives,” without any success.

  The  police was also informed. It was reported that a child’s cry can be heard from the house in one town in Macedonia. “After the report, the social workers were going to that address, but there was no cry. We were unable to forcibly enter into the house,” claims Petrova.

  A  child was found spending the night outdoors, frightened and alone. Social worker took care of him and called his grandmother, who was taking care of him until his seventh year. “The child is in other town and social workers will work with him. He attends school, but is still frightened,” social workers say.

  This  is not the first case of abusing and neglecting children by the mothers. Only in Gevgelija area three cases of domestic violence were registered in recent period, in which mothers abused their children. For some of them there are court rulings.

Translatet by Petar Todorovski