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Reaction about the column released by the First Children Embassy “Megjashi” The Ministry of Labor and Social Politics notified that the family which was mentioned in the column is a well-known one at the Social Care Center in Berovo as well as to the Organs for Internal Affairs for the territory of Berovo as of a case of family relationship disorder. Namely, the father of the juveniles is an alcohol consumer and there have been many charges filed for violating the public peace and order and fight participation against him. The information about this family has been well known to the Social Care Center in Berovo since 2005 and also because of acting upon the cases of violence from the father toward the mother and children as well.

The first attempt to file a court procedure for a case of domestic violence was precluded by the mother who has withdrawn the consent to start up a court process before the authoritative court. However, the violence continued further on and unfortunately escalated on 31.10.2008 when finally by the Social Care Center in Berovo there was a court request filed for adjudging a temporary measure for protection of a domestic violence, with a suggestion measure towards the father who needs to be given an alcohol treatment and hospitalized to a neuropsychiatric institution in Bardovci. Also there should be a prohibition to the father to molest physically, emotionally and sexually his spouse and again there should be a prohibition for emotional molesting of the two juvenile children which were witnesses in the cases of abuse towards their mother.

Parallel to that, since 03.11.2008 the mother of the juveniles has been hospitalized at the Shelter Center in Kocani from where she voluntarily leaves together with her two juvenile children and returns to the husband. The violence in the family continues therefore on the 04.12.2008 the mother was admitted to the hospital in Pehcevo claiming that she has hurt herself with a knife in the abdomen while mending the windows.

As to all of these reasons and for the sake of protection the Social Care Center in Berovo hospitalizes the children to the Homeless Children Home “11 Oktomvri” on the 05.12.2008. During the adaptation, the children are under constant surveillance and observation by the professional team from the Home. Several reps from the Social Care Center Berovo have visited those children few times in order to confirm the ongoing adaptation.

As of the very last visit of the social rep on the 19.12.2008 the juvenile didn’t show any indications that he has been molested by the tutors at the Home and didn’t indicated that there have been any problems over there. The reps from the professional services have noticed that the child is longing to go home but also showed an understanding that his returning home will be done once the conditions at his home become acceptable for a normal family functioning. Even though, the child was constantly asking when he/she will be able to go home and whether he/she will celebrate the New Years Eve at the Home or with the parents.

On 22.12.2008 the juvenile escapes from school with an explanation that he has a stomach ache and instead to the Home he heads to Pehcevo. The Home’s reps have stated that the children are properly taken care and there has been no violence performed over them. On the 23.12.2008 the mother tries to abduct the girl that was settled at the Home as well.

As by the Social Care Center in Berovo it is considered that the protection of the children is crucial and that they really need to be out of the family environment until all the relationships get improved inside the family. The professional team reps from the Center consider that the parents are not performing well enough the parents’ duties so consequently for a long period of time the children have been direct victims of a domestic violence, therefore the Social Care Center performs a surveillance over the parental rights so in order to be ready for seizing of those rights in case of a ground bases to start up a procedure for seizing to both parents.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy will review the case carefully and if there are certain misconducts established in the duty responsibilities done by the institution there will definitely be taken some measures against that.