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Little Atanasko lives in fear that he will be returned to the Home “11 Oktomvri”Introverted and under a huge pressure and fear that he might be returned to the Home “11 Oktomvri” is the everyday feeling of little Atanasko. He sleeps with his mother, doesn’t socialize with the other kids, and doesn’t go to school. He says that 10 times he has been calling his sister at the Home because he wanted to hear from her knowing that she suffers to come back home, but he cannot reach her because the Home’s employees don’t let him talk to her. Ruptured between the family and the so-called “care” from the institutions, Atanasko refuses to make any contact with the reps of the Social Care Center.

“From the Social Care Center we were told not to love mom and dad”- stated Atanasko

11-years old Atanasko has revealed out the inefficient system establishment of the institutions when it comes to children’s protection in such cases, where they are direct victims which can easily get lost into that labyrinth, the professionals are warning.

“In this particular care there is an absurd point, figuratively speaking, the good healthy part is being removed but the aching one is still there. Children and mother are being separated but the father stays, which is the mail agent for the family dysfunction”- stated Ms Radmila Macevska, psychological therapist.

Now everything (the institutions and the family) breaks; every instance with its influence brings a culmination of each particular problem that almost each time affects with irreversible damage of the mental health of the young human being.

“Instead to a Home the children should be sent to a foster family. The separation can be accepted easier and the children will be able to see other ways and conditions for a family functioning which will be a good example for a further life”- states Mancevska.

The brave step of the little Atanasko to oppose the system by passing 200km himself and reaching to his house to call SOS hotline in order to report a molesting at the institution that looks after children is a message that ought be recognized by the authorities.