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”Have a Peaceful Dream” in support of children victims of sexual abuseOn 23rd November a telethon in support of children victims of sexual abuse "Have a Peaceful Dream" has been broadcasted on the first Macedonian National TV Channel. The event was initiated by the Centre for Institutional Development and the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi.

The aim was to raise funds for support of sexually abused children. This special occasion brought together over 100 artists, as well as Dutch Ambassador H.E. Simone Filippini. It included a promotion of the song "Dream", performed by 15 Macedonian artists and a TV auction. By dialling the number 143-404 citizens could donate 100 Denars.

In Macedonia, each year about 1,000 children (11-18 years of age) become victims of such abuse, imposed by their parents, friends or neighbours.

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 Soon after the telethon, First Children's Embassy in the World and CIRa continued their fundrising efforts by releasing a video "Sonuvaj mirno - Have a Peaceful Dream"

The song „Have a Peaceful Dream" has been recorded with support of Two Hearts production. Following music stars took part in the recording: Aleksandra Pileva, Bravo Band, Beni Shakari, Martin Srbinoski, Next Time, Elena Petreska, Daniel Stojmanovski, Martin Vucik, Andrijana Janevska, Ile Spasev, Tanja B, Gemini, Dejana and Aleksandar Macevski.

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