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Issuing certificates for completion of the children’s workshops 2007-2008 
This year on June 12, the Children’s Workshops were embellished with certificates with a closing ceremony. A total of 104 children members of the Children’s Embassy, received certificates for their participation in the Children’s Workshops.

The certificates represented the last step of the nine-months of effort that the children members of the Embassy made, as well as the volunteers, parents and the employees.

The first part of the program was dedicated to June 12, the International Day against Child Labor Abuse, where the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi reminded that despite the Republic of Macedonia had ratified the Convention against the worst kinds of child labor abuse 7 years ago, the condition is still alarming.

Although primary and high school are compulsory for all citizens in Macedonia, still more than 18,500 children are not enrolled in the regular educational system, and at least 2000 children spend their childhood on the street under the sky without parental care, whose labor is a subject to abuse. Very often, these children are victims of child labor abuse.

In the second part of the program, the children members of the Children’s Workshops and their volunteers staged their prepared acts. There were recitals in Albanian, songs in English, love songs in German, morals from the tree of values and lesions on good manners, while pleasingly looking at the wonderful drawings from the art workshops, which were displayed on boards. Beside the public and the audience, the applied arts and origami workshops had their practical presentation, where the children showed all that they had learned to make during the period.

In the end of the program the children members of the Children’s Workshops were handed certificates, as well as books.


We also issued certificates of gratitude to our partners and supporters:

- Publishing house Kultura

- Association of Pensioners of municipality Kisela Voda, branch Jane Sandanski

- National Institution Preservation Centre Skopje

- National Institution Museum of Macedonia

- “Ljuben Lape” Primary School

- Fortuna Radio Skopje

- Audio and Video Production “Super Zvezda”

We have conducted many manifestations in the period from October 2007 and June 2008. This reassures the mutual cooperation and support.