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Basic training in non-discriminationFrom 10-12 June, 2008 in Skopje, a basic training in non-discrimination took place, conducted by the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation (MCIC), supported by OBSE’s Mission in Skopje.

Megjashi’s representatives on the training were Meri Naumova Davcevska (office assistant) and Jasminka Petrova (lawyer - volunteer).

During the training the participants gained practical skills on the field of basic human rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. As we have been informed by our representatives Meri Naumova Davcevska and Jasminka Petrova, the training consisted of theoretical part on human rights, practical exercises and team work. “The theoretical part paid special attention on the international regulative for human rights, the system of the United Nations, the European Council, OBSE and the European Union’s legislation, as well as on the current condition in Macedonia. A film was projected which showed various forms of discrimination,” - reported our participants.