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A Guide for parents and teachers for protection from sexual abuse is in processSexual abuse of children is the cruelest violation of children’s rights. Every child can be a potential victim and can very easily fall in the arms of a felon.

The increasing rate of paedophilia in our country represents an alarming need of activities for prevention. Until now there have been numerous reactions to the state institutions for sanction and punishment of the perpetrators of sexual assault of children; however, instead of a negative trend of paedophilia, it is in constant growth. Due to the increased danger of violence and the low level of knowledge of the children, parents/guardians and teachers, it is high time activities began which would inform them of the means for self-protection. For this particular reason a Guide for parents and teachers for prevention from paedophilia is in process, the printing of which needs financial support from socially responsible citizens and firms.

The Guide is an educative material which will help parents and teachers to educate the children how to act in specific circumstances and to encourage children/pupils in the prevention from paedophilia.