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Working sessions between civil organizations and business sectorThe First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, in cooperation with The Center for Institutional Development – CIRa, realized the activity “Cooperation with the business sector”, which main goal was creating effective cooperation between the civil and the business sector.

             In fact, there were two working sessions, in Skopje and Prilep, which covered interactive activities in order the business sector to understand the activities of the civil associations, the acquisitions from donating and sponsoring the civil associations, as well as a discussion about The Lawon Donations and Sponsorships For Public Activities and Other Tax Laws, its importance and the development of philanthropy in Republic of Macedonia.  

            The working session in Skopje was held on 19.12.2007, and the one in Prilep was held on 21.12.2007. Both sectors were seated in mixed seating positions, where every attendant had to present him/her  self, as well as the company/ organizations where he/she comes from. This was followed by a debate which lasted for 3 hours about the donations and sponsorships.

            The main conclusion drown from the sessions was that both sectors, the business sector mainly, aren’t familiar with The Law on Donations and Sponsorships For Publick Activities and other Tax Laws on a sufficient level, which asks for more effective promotion of this law.