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Training for experts-judges who interwiev children witnesses

During 8th-10th Februar 2008 in Ohrid, the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi organised a training on the theme “Child abuse – details about the interiew, recognising and approach in the justice practice” in the project frame “The child-a witness who needs special care”. 

There were 14 participants of the training experts-judges who interview children witnesses, and it was conducted by the trainers Antoni Novotni and Dimitar Bonevski - psychiatrists. The purpose of the training was the participants to gain knowledge about the new techniques, methods and approaches in the process of interviewing children witnesses, and at the same time to exchange experiences from their practice and to solve the troubles. After the training came out many suggestions and notes for the current law measure regarding the interview of children witnesses. All that suggestions, signed by the participants of the training, will be send to the Ministry of Justice with a request of changing the measure.