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Report of the Free legal service for 2007 yearIn 2007 year the legal service of The First Children’s Embassy in the World megjashi reacted in 63 cases in which the children’s rights were violated. In 38 cases were sent requests, in 22 cases petitions and in 3 cases is given legal opinion and help to the clients. The requests are usually sent to Centers for social work, for cases in which the custody of the children was arguable and was not considered the best interest of the children, then for family violence upon the children, child’s labour abuse, obstruction of the right to see one of the parents. In 5 cases was sent a request to the school due to a physical and psychical violence by the peers. Requests are also sent to the Italian Ambassy because of separation of a child from a parent who lives in Italy. For a case of sexual abuse of a juvenile, a request is sent to the Ministry of Interior. The rest of the requests are sent due to opening a refuge for dog ramblers in a residential area that will endanger the children’s health, obstuctions in the right to child benefit, acceleration of a court procedure and financial relief of a student with physical problems in her growth.

The petitions are usually sent to the Ombudsman when the children’s rights were violeted by the state institutions. The reactions refer to cases when the offical position was misused in cases of physical violence upon the children which are under institutional care, physical and psychical violence upon childeren by thier parents, school violence by the teaching staff, child’s abuse for political goals, extramarital unions with juveniles, sexual abuse of a juvenile. A petition is sent to the Ministry of Education due to  discrimination of some students by teaching staff. 

Despite the petitions and requests, the free legal service at The First Children’s Embassy in the World also provides legal opinion and prepares legal documents for the needs of the service users. With the initiative for bringing a Law for Free Legal Help, will be possible advocacy of people socially not protected during the court procedures.