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Meeting of the Executive Director of The First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi, MA Dragi Zmijanac with the Minister of Defense,Mr. Lazar Elenovski

On November 26th, the Executive Director of The First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi, Mr. Dragi Zmijanac and Mirjana Shokarevska, President of the Single parents association, had a meeting with the Minister of Defense, Lazar Elenovski. The cause of this meeting was the demand sent to the Ministry of Defense from The Children’s Embassy – Megjashi and the Single parents association about the termination of the agreement for using the facilities in which the two organizations were placed.

On this meeting, the Minister of Defense promised that:

- He will block the process concerning the termination of the agreement and

- He will ask from the Government of Republic of Macedonia to extend the agreement in June 2008.

Besides that, the Minister expressed his understanding for the work of the Children’s Embassy, because the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Labor and Social policy nave helped in the past in sheltering the inner dislocated people in The Shelter of The Children’s Embassy, now a Daily centre for street children. He also said that he will visit these two organizations.

Before this meeting with the Minister, the NGO sector and the wider public were informed about the situaion, whereupon support was given by:

House of the Human rights of Republic of Macedonia ( Macedonian centre for Women’s rihgts – Shelter Center, Polio Plus, ADI and the Helsinki committe for Human rights)
ADI, Gostivar
CIRa  (Centre for Institutional Development)
CGI, (Centre for Civil Initiatives) Prilep
Open Society Institute Macedonia
Assosition of Women’s Orgaznizations in Macediona
Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation
NGO Info Centre
Macedonian Association for Free Sexual Orientation (MASSO)
Special olypmpiad
Research and policy creating Centre
Non- violent action Centre Belgrade – Saraevo
15. Journalists for the women and children’s rights and environment protection

16. Assosiation of the tax workers in Macedonia

17. Forum Peace Civil Service – Filiation in Macedonia - Skopje

18. Organization of the Women in Community Sveti Nikole

19. Peaceful action – Prilep

20. Ecological association “Vila Zora” – Veles

21. Open the windows

22. Roma Education Centre – Soncogledi

23. Macedonian Centre for Civil Education

24. H.O. Pease – Skopje

25. Silva Peshik

26. Guner Ismail

27. Mirjana Najceska

28 . Albert Hani

29. Brano Popceski

30. Kristina Kolozova

31. Kalin Babushku

32. Euridika Sashkova

33. Ljubomir Gordanov

34. Aleksandar Gumberovski

35. Darko Buldioski

36. Biljana Vanskovska

37. Frosina Pandurska

38. Maksim Acevski

39. Srgan Amet

40. Filip Vodivik, Genel Ltd.

In the name od the working team of The First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, we thank to everyone for their understanding and support.