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RESPONSE FROM THE PUBLIC PROSECUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA ON THE REQUEST FOR OPINION ON POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CHILD ABUSEThe First Children Embassy in the World – Megjashi send a complete documentation and request of opinion to mister Ljupco Shvrgovski, Public Prosecutor of Republic of Macedonia in order to send a criminal reply for child abuse in political goals characterizing the Day of the Army of Republic of Macedonia on 17.08.2007 to mister Damjancho Stojanovski, general secretary of the Children Embassy for all children in the World from Prilep and mister Lazar Elenovski, minister for protection of Republic of Macedonia, as well as criminal reply for child labor abuse to mister F. Lj. owner of a car wash in Gostivar, where Avni Ademi tragically lost his life.

The complete documentation is also dedicated to mister Igjet Memeti, ombudsman of Republic of Macedonia, mister Iso Rusi, president of the Helsinki committee of Republic of Macedonia, miss Daniela Dabevska, president of the House of Human rights o f Republic of Macedonia, and to mister Petar Mrkev, president of the coalition for fair trial.

On 05.10.2007, we got a report from the public prosecutor that the send requests are given to the magisterial handling of the Primarily public prosecutor of Prilep and Gostivar. For the decision of the Public Prosecutor we will be forwardly advised.