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PROTECTION OF CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ON THE INTERNET IN MACEDONIABesides the positive side of the Internet that is used for entertainment, education, business, etc, there are also some negative aspects such as distribution of illegal materials and generation of illegal activities.

One of the problems of the contemporary society is how to deal with the increase of the child abuse on the Internet. Children get in touch with inappropriate materials for their age (drugs, pornography, Nazi web pages, abortions, suicides, paedophilia etc.)

Therefore The First Children’s Embassy in the World is working on the project  “Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected” in partnership with Foundation Metamorphosis.

The main objective of this project is the protection of children’s rights on the Internet. The project aims at achieving that goal through raising the awareness among children in Macedonia, their parents and teachers, as well as the NGO sector and media, through various activities.

The project activities can be divided in four main groups:

- Creation of NGO network with 10 NGOs from several cities in Macedonia acting in the sphere of human rights protection.

- Training and workshops for NGO network members for raising capacities by introducing the issue of CRI to the NGOs and ways to handle it, thus enhancing their capacity to deal with this burning issue.

- Presentations for children, parents, teachers and media aimed at raising awareness and enhancing their knowledge

- Preparation and publishing of educative materials, and preparation of other useful resources: web site, guide, booklets/flyers, Children’s Bill of Rights for the Internet.

The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi will use all of its technical and organizational resources and capacities to realize the objectives and activities of this project and to provide the implementation of all regulations for children rights on Internet.