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PROMOTION OF THE GUIDEBOOK FOR VOLUNTEERISM        The First Children Embassy in the World – Megjashi in the name of the Civil Platform of Macedonia, implements the project “Promotion of Volunteerism” which mail goal is publishing a Guidebook for volunteerism, and promoting it among the universities in Republic of Macedonia.

            This event is part of the project “Support to national Civil Society Platform/Forum”, financed by the European Agency for Reconstruction.
            Actually, on 30 of October the first promotion of the guidebook at The University of Southeast Europe in Tetovo was held. Beside that in the beginning of November it is planned to organize other three promotions, at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje and Shtip, as well as the University “St. Clement Ohridski” in Bitola. Primarily, the promotions are held for students, and over 3000 samples of the guidebook for each promotion are given for free in Macedonian or Albanian language.

            With this guidebook we want to make the volunteerism more appreciable, to increase the level of information, to create a view of its importance and magnitude and to open new possibilities for volunteering. We hope that it will be a practical tool for all young and students, helping them to participate in the civil society and make decisions, as well as gaining new working skills and knowledge.