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INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17, the First Children’s embassy in the world – Megjashi, reminds us that when speaking about poverty and social exclusion, children should not be forgiven. Despite the ratification of the Convention for children’s rights in many countries, its implementation fails to protect children from living in poverty.  

In the European Union, out of 72 million people living in poverty, the majority are children. In EU families with children less 16 years old, are more probable to find themselves at the risk of poverty than the rest of the population.

The situation is similar in Macedonia. 8% of the children (over 40 thousand) are not immunized and 2% (10.484 children) are not even recorded in the registry book. 18.000 children not included in the educational process and there is a high risk for these children to become children on the streets. The number of children on the streets is constantly increasing, so today there are 2000 children living on the streets, half of which are in Skopje. Children in rural and poor communities have obstacles in access to the basic social services, which is due to the bad economic situation and the lack of services available for all risk groups.

As a consequence, the issue of children’s poverty becomes a focus in the year 2007 in the European Countries.

Yet, the children’s poverty problem is not a question which can be resolved immediately. This has to be put as a priority goal and all parties should actively involve in its suppression. Successful and full implementation of the Convention for children’s rights will have the largest impact