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FUNDRAISING TRAINING AT HOTEL BISTRAOn 19th - 20th September at the hotel Bistra, Mavrovo a training on the topic “Techniques for fundraising from local resources” was held, as a part of The Civil Society Strengthening Program (CSSP), financed by USAID, and implemented by ISC in partnership with CIRa, MIM and ECNL. Among the other participants from different NGOs, there was also a representative from The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi.

The main issues discussed at the seminar are the following:

      Instruments for fundraising from individuals and companies

      Fundraising campaigns (media, direct mail etc.)

      Principals of  the donor’s pyramid

      Development of member’s base

      Fundraising events

      Moral issues connected with giving and accepting donations

For all the issues, many practical experiences by the participants and the trainers were presented, analyzed in detail with very didactic conclusions. There were also very interesting simulations. I would like to emphasize the simulation of maybe one of the most important steps in fundraising – the conversation with the donors (individual or representative of some company). I learned a lot about the donor’s psychology and ethics that will help me in my future work.

The participants were trained by the representatives from the Centre for philanthropy from the Slovak Republic, who aimed to present their theoretical and practical knowledge based on their personal experience with NGOs in their native country.

Nina Caminski
Promotion and Fundraising Assistant