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BOLTON’S FANS DONATED FOR THE CHILDREN IN MACEDONIAOn the 20th of September there was a meeting between representatives of the Children’s Embassy and the football fans of Bolton Wanderers, represented by Lee Williams that arrived in Macedonia in order to support their club in the forthcoming match with Rabotnicki Kometal. The money raised from the charity action organized by the football fans of Bolton, were donated to the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi fro the needs of the Daily Center for Children on Streets. 

The football fans of Bolton organized charity action which included t-shirt sale of 200 t-shirts printed in Macedonia with inscription about the match. In the action that started on Wednesday and lasted till Thursday, were sold over 100 t-shirts and raised 73 062 denars. With this action the football fans of Bolton wanted to improve the reputation of the English football fans and to create good atmosphere before the match.

In the organization of the action the fans of Bolton had great support from the fans of the Macedonian football. One of the organizers of the action was Igor Naumovski, editor of the web site www.MacedonianFootball.com