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Visit in Brussels through the BNT Program 

MSc Dragi Zmijanac and Doris Pack

 In the period 5-30 March 2007, MSc. Dragi Zmijanac, founder and executive director of the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi, visited Brussels through BNT Program and financed by the MCIC (Macedonian Center for International Cooperation) and the ECAS (European Citizen Action Service).

MSc Dragi Zmijanac and Prof. D-r Blerim Reka

During those 20 working days he attended meetings with 28 leading persons of European institutions and relevant civil organizations, networks and founds. He also attended meetings with responsible persons in the European Parliament, European Commission, European Economic and Social Council, and he visited the mission and the Macedonian Embassy in the EU. Here are some of the meetings accomplished:

with Etienne de Perier

·        Meeting with the members of the working team in the ECAS guided by Tony Venables, director in ECAS;

·        Doris Pack MEP-Member of the European Parliament;

·        N.E. PhD Blerim Reka- Ambassador and responsible person for the Macedonian mission in the European Union;

·        Etienne de Perier-Political Desk Officer in the European Commission;

·        Marta Cygan-Deputy Head in the Office of the Commissioner Danuta Huber, member of the European Commission;

·        Regula Heggli-Coordinator of the Contact Group for Civil Society;

·        Jana Hainsworth- Secretary General of EURO CHILD;

·        Laura Gehrke and the Assistant Lissy Groner MEP-Members of the European Parliament;

·        Kristin Heinrich -Amnesty International, Executive Officer for Common Affairs and Safety Policies in Neighboring Countries;

·        Loic Defaye-Administrator in the Sector for Foreign Connections, European Social and Economic Committee, Contact Group for Western Balkan;

·        Joachim Ott- Actions against discrimination/Civil Society; European Commission;

.        Claire Ivers, Advocacy Coordinator-Human Rights Watch,

·        Michael Morass, Deputy Head in the Department for Foreign Connections;

·        Emilie White- Public Affairs and Project Officer of the European Children’s Network EURONET.

in Amnesty International
In Brussels M Sc Dragi Zmijanac participated in the forum -The Balkan in Europe: Why, When and How?” organized by the European Center for policy and the King Baudouin Foundation.

with Regula Heggli
“This meetings helped me understand how the institutions in the EU function, I found out about the programs and the grants for civil sector, as well as the roll that the civil sector plays in the period when Macedonia is coming closer to EU as country-candidate. I understood the importance of fulfilling all standards and expectations that Macedonia has to fulfill in which the civil organizations can help.”-Said M Sc. Dragi Zmijanac.

with Joachim Ott and Yvonne Kapella P