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Together for transparency 

Aiming to give a contribution to the transparency of the work of the civil society organizations, as a contribution to improving effectiveness of civil society sector, a group of civil society organizations,  members of the Civil Society Platform of Macedonia, decided voluntarily for the third time to publish their annual reports, including financial reports with independent reviser opinions for those reports. 

 The announcement was done on voluntary basis, because they don’t have a legal obligation, but they consider that have moral obligation towards the public to report there working. This is mostly practiced (and is a legal obligation) in the business sector. 

  Additional motivation for continuation of this tradition is setting higher standards in front of them and in front of the others. These standards are necessary to be satisfied and to be sent in a higher level in the efforts for integrating Macedonia in the European Union. 

 Therefore we are addressing to the civil society organizations, units of the local self-government, public institutions, government, political parties and other subjects to contribute for strengthening responsibility and reporting in front of the citizens and to announce their annual reports, financial reports and independent revisers opinions for them. 

 The activity “Together for transparency” it will be realized in July and is part of the project “Support to the national forum\platform for civil society”, financed by EU and managed by EAR, but is implemented with a financial participation of all organizations included.