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Promotion of volunteerism (Volunteer Guide)
The activities for creating ”Guide for volunteerism” are coming to an end. The preparation for this brochure went through several stages, in which outside associates and focus group (volunteers and students) were included as well as part of the team of the Children’s Embassy.

The aim that we want to accomplish is to make volunteerism more noticeable, to increase the informing level as well as to boost public consciousness for the importance of volunteerism which will open new possibilities for volunteering. The Guide will help in finding different forms of participation of youth and students in the civil society and in the changing process.

The Guide is not unchangeable, it can be changed and upgraded as the volunteerism in Macedonia develops and changes.

The target groups for the “guide for volunteerism” are students in Macedonia and that is why the promotion is planed to take place in several universities in the state. The first promotion is expected to be in July 2007.