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Promotion of Good Practices The First Children’s Embassy in the World adresses a call to all civil associations for reporting Good Practices from their practical work that can serve for the preparation of the publication “Promotion of Good Practices”.

The aim of this publication is encreasing the visibility of the results of the work of civil organizations throughout publishing their most sucessfull activities. In this appeal all civil organization in Republic of Macedonia, that have implemented activities that by their estimation have accomplished important results in sertain area, can apply.

The activity for Promotion of Good Practices is part of the Civil Platform of Macedonia Program, which is financialy supported by European Agency for Reconstruction.Base on this appeal the working group of Civil Platform of Macedonia will select the Good Practices that will be edited and published.

Those that are interested should send aplication, maximum one page, were they will breafly edescribe the activity. For more information contact Tatjana Nasevska on the telephone 02/2465-316 or on the e-mail adress info@childrensembassy.org.mk. Editor of the publication is Goran Velichkovski. The publication “Promotion of Good Practices” is expected to be promoted in July.