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Project: E-Macedonia (MT) Equal Approach to Modern Technology for All Children
Children’s Embassy started with IT workshops for the children – members of the Children’s Embassy that most of the times are children to social effected families. With the free workshops for 50 children (several groups) IT information’s were provided and available.

Children that participated at the workshops are classified in five groups

- I group (6-9 years) preparation and basic level – 8 children

- II group (9-12years) advanced level – 9 children

- III group (4-9 years) preparation and basic level – 10 children

- IV group (4-9 years) preparation and basic level – 10 children

- V group (10-13years) basic and advanced level – 10 children

With this project a room was adapted by the Children’s Embassy with the main purpose to carry out the workshops. During the workshops each children has computer to work on. With the workshops digital literacy was increased for the children as well.

Macedonian Telecommunications with this activity directly supported the activities of our organization; respectively they became part of the small group of social responsible companies that support the community.