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June 20th, International day of Refugees Immigration is one of the answers of poverty, molesting and abuse of world children!
There are 30 wars in the world at the moment.

The majority of people claiming refugee status are actually trying to escape wars – where their lives are at constant danger. Surveys whose that the world number of refugees has climbed 12 million, mostly because of the instability in Iraq.
There are approximately 50 million displaced persons worldwide – fugitives that looked for security in a different country. Almost half of this population are children. Approximately 10 million are children under the age of 18. Near two million are killed in war conflicts in the last decade. Other 6 million are believed to be wounded or orphaned.
In Macedonia, during 200t, asylum was asked from 5 persons, originating from Congo, Palestine and Iraq. At the moment, the right for temporary protection in Republic of Macedonia is used 1900 persons from Kosovo,  99 % of which are Roma, while 920 of them are children under the age of 18 ( source UNCHR).

Regarding the condition with internally displaced persons from the war conflict in Macedonia in 2001, there are total of 785 internally displaced persons, 177 of which are children. Half of them live in collective centres and half in new homes.

In the shelter centre of the Embassy Megjashi, until September 2006, were sheltered 4 families or a total of 16 internally displaced persons from the village Aracinovo. These families never returned to the place were they were banished from, but instead have built new homes.