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Fundraising activities

In order to raise funds in support to our program activities, we organized and also took part at the following events:

 the Hand-made Items
-         from 01st-10th  of March, the Children’s Embassy, Megjashi, had selling part at the Ramstor mall, and it was part of  the fair for handmade items. During these 10 days we collected 10.960,00 denars. The lunch for the volunteers was offered by “Amati”  pizza bar in the mall Ramstor.
  Garage Sale in NOVA
 -       during the Garage Sale in International High School “NOVA” on 04, March, the Embassy  exposed its objects, made by the students of the school. They collected 2.910,00 denars.

the Cashbox in OKAIDI
In our cashboxes for donations, the citizens, in the period from March to June, have donated 64.160,00 denars, 995,00 of which in the “Tediko” market in Topansko Pole, 3.554.00 in “ SP” Market in Ohrid, 2.495,00 in SP Market in Avtokomanda, 1.438,00 in Maksi D in Kisela Voda, 2.490,00 in “Neptun” the local stadium, 3.850,00 from the Ramstore mall in Tetovo, 2.197,00  from “Tediko” Chair, 7.052,00 SP Market in Karposh, 10. 245,00 from Stopanska Banka in Bitola,4.185,00 Stopanska Banka from Kavadarci,9.155,00 Stopanska Banka from Negotino, 561,00 Stopanska Banka 2 from Bitola, 3.527,00 Stopanska Banka from Stopanska Banka – Aerodrom, 644,oo from the Drama  Theatre, Skopje, 3525,00 from the airport  “Alexander The Great”, 927,00 Cosmofon, Aerodrom, 5920.00 from the “Ramstore” mall in Skopje. The opening and counting of the money collection from the cash boxes was observed by the three member commissions: Irena Srbinovska, Borche Stojanovski, Natasha Perich, Redzep Raimi, Nevenka Stefanovska, Adrijana Rushiti, Dejan Bujishik,Aleksandar Gumberovski, Aneta Zafirovska, Azrina Dupjak, Irfean Bajram i Tatjana Nasevska

All raised funds will be used for the SOS telephone number for children and youth 0800 1 2222 and children’s work shops in Megjashi”.