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Free Legal Service

1. Neglected child

On 20.11.2006 we had a reported case of a neglected 20-year-old girl suffering muscle atrophy. This case was reported by her brother M.Z who explained that his sister lives with their father who he claimed to be aggressive and irresponsible. He is neglecting his daughter, is not taking her to regular medical exams, is not giving her food and is not taking care of the girl’s social development.

The Legal Service is seeking the best possible solution in accordance with the Laws for Health Benefit and the Law for Social Protection in order to provide the best possible solution – in cooperation with the Centers for Social Work (SCW).

In March 2007 we have visited their home, together with a representative for the respective CSW. Even after all the encouragement for the father to use some his rights for social benefit – such as onetime financial aid  or services of the Day-Care Center for children suffering Multiplex Sclerosis, he still hasn’t accepted neither advice for responsible parenthood.

We gave him a short notice, after which we would take measures for claiming responsibility of the father due to underachievement of his parental duties.  
2. Physical abuse over a minor

The father reported physical abuse over his son by their neighbor. The neighbor threatened to continue beating the child. For this case, we have hired the Lawyer Atanas Stojanovski, external associate of the Embassy Megjashi, who represents Megjashi’s cases on trials pro-bono.

3. Abandoned Children

A father abandoned his two juvenile children aged 10 and 12. The father has been working in Switzerland for several years, and after their mother’s death he took the children to Switzerland with him. After one visit of the children’s aunt in Macedonia, the father leaves again to Switzerland and takes the children’s passports with him, leaving the children with their aunt.

This case was reported in our Embassy directly by the children, and we have requested more information from the respective Center for Social Work. After evaluation of the received documents we have identified that for the case needs to be formed a mixed commission of the Macedonian and the Swiss Centers for Social Work, also if possible from the Ministries for Labor and Social Politics, in order this case to be solved successfully. Although there is a ground for plaintiff for taking the parenthood right through the Public Solicitor, still, from our conversations with a social worker from the center we have identified that this may not be the solution to the problem, since it is needed that the children should go live with their father and finish their education there. We are prepared, if requested from the Center for Social Work, to offer interpretation on international documents for solution of parental issues when the children and the parent live in separate countries.

This cooperation is ongoing.

4. Physical abuse over proteges of a Orphanage

On 08.05.2007 on our SOS helpline for Children and Youth 0800 12222 we have received a call informing us that a protege of the orphanage 11 October was beaten-up by other protege of the Home. The caller informed us that the respective authorities from the orphanage haven’t taken any actions for reporting the incident to the police, neither have they provided a timely health protection for the child, with the excuse that they will do is if the incidents repeats.

According to the statement of the caller, the protege was beaten by the older child on 03.05.2007, and besides the physical injuries he was taken to a hospital on 07.05.07.

After reporting this case to the police station Center, we were informed that prior our call, this case has not been reported. After our second call in the department fro juvenile delinquency in the MOI, where we have additionally reported this case, we were informed that on the day of the incident, the inspectors acted and respected the procedures.

In this state of contrary statements, we have asked the Public defender to take measures form his jurisdiction in order the child to be protected according to Article 19 from the Convention of Children’s Rights.