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S.O.S helpline for children and youth 0800 1 2222 (Free helpline) January-July 2011

1. Children are unprotected and constantly exposed to violence and abused mostly from adults 2. The biggest number of charges concern problems in family (18,18%) where the family relations are disturbed 3. Children remain silent and endure violence. They rarely charge violence, because they are afraid, but those who do are usually close with the family, witnesses of the aggression children are exposed to 4. Only 8 children-victims of family violence were brave enough and report violence themselves. 

1.     Short description of the current work of the S.O.S helpline for children and youth 

The S.O.S helpline for children and youth functions almost 19 years (since October 1993) and has registered more than 18 000 calls. The S.O.S phone line represents a service for direct help and support of children, youth and their families. With only one call, children may receive help and information, expert advice, psycho-social support or simply talk about the problems they face with.

The principle of working of the line is consisted of conversations with the caller about their problems, so that our operators do not immediately give complete solutions of the problem. It is talked about alternatives for solving the problem they have and the caller is helped to find their own solution of it.

On the free S.O.S helpline for children and youth, there are experts that work on:

(Pedagogue, psychologist, social worker and lawyer). In the activities there are also volunteers introduced, who are usually students at the Faculties of Pedagogy, Psychology, Law studies, Social Work. Those persons primarily conduct the conversations with contacts and are always in coordination and mentorship with the S.O.S helpline coordinator and the other services for direct help in the First Children Embassy in the World-Megjashi.

S.O.S helpline through numbers in its 19 years of functioning

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