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The little sister runs away from the Orphanage”11 Oktomvri” Skopje, following the brother


Both of the children, who were taken away from home, are with their parents in Pehchevo.


Goran Adamovski

Yesterday, the nine year old girl from Pehchevo run away form the Orphanage “ 11 Oktomvri” in Skopje and by a cab managed to reach her parents’ home in Pehchevo. The little girl is sister to the 11 year old boy that before New Year run away for the Orphanage and went home. Thus, the mother Olivera, who had birthday yesterday, is overjoyed for having both children beside her after a long time. The  First Children’s Embassy in the World Megashi  emphasizes that the little girl, as her brother ,was beaten and maltreated by the tutors in the Orphanage. The authorities replied that they are going to investigate the case. The children are now at home in Pehchevo.


“Today is the happiest day in my life. After a period of 47 days I hold my both children in embrace”, stated the mother Olivera . Her eyes were brimming with tears at the moment she remembered that her both children had been taken away on 4 December last year. The authorities claimed that the children were taken away due to family violence on behalf of the father-alcoholic, who was allegedly maltreating the wife, and consequently the children suffered too.


The nine year old girl took advantage of the first day at school of the second term, and instead at the Orphanage, went at her parents in Pehchevo.


“The little girl confirmed that she had been physically maltreated by one of the tutors and one dependant.” stated Children’s Embassy Megashi. The embassy emphasizes that the older brother who suffers from urinary bladder cancer, was beaten every time he wished to call his mother.


“They threatened that if I do not give the children in the orphanage, we would have our parental right renounced. We were told we should sign some kind of document, by which we give up from our children willingly, but they will take away my children only over my dead body”, Olivera says.


Embassy Megashi announced that the family hasn’t been visited by anyone, yet. The Children’s’ Embassy is astounded by the fact that the children had been taken away since it is extreme and last measure to be used.


“ Even if the statements from the authorities that the father is alcoholic and has been violent towards his closest were true, though the same are denounced by the children and the mother, than the bully is the one who should be removed from the family, not the children.”, announced  Children’s Embassy Megashi


The minister of Labor and Social Policy Xhelal Bajrami on his yesterday visit in Bitola, announced that they shall begin with investigation of the case. The previous case, that is the run away of the brother, has been investigated by the Ministry. According to the medical findings and expert commission formed due to the escape, the boy is healthy. On the other hand, according to the opinion of the Welfare Center the boy should stay with his biological parents until the end of the winter holiday. The office of the national procurator has been informed for the case, and it continues with the investigation on the case.


First Children’s Embassy Megjashi noticed that this is third escape of dependants from the Orphanage” 11 October” in the last six months.


“We asked the management of the Orphanage to assume the responsibility for their negligence towards the both children who disappeared last summer, one of who was held as a hostage and  brutally sexually and physically abused for 23 days on behalf of the pedophile Jove Kostadinovski (40) in the village Shashavlija, Shtip. At the time, just as in the case of the eleven year old boy from Pehchevo, no one from the management of the Orphanage assumed the responsibility”, stated Children’s Embassy.


Newspaper Utrinski, 22.01.2009


Translated by: Biljana Stefanovska