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Last chance for biological parents to return the childIf parents give up from Boshko, they shall lose their parental right

Snezana Kalabakova

Next week little Boshko is having a consilium examination. Afterwards, his biological parents may decide whether to take him or not for the last time. If they definitely give up, they shall lose their parental right by signing statements. Thus, Boshko may be adopted.

This was reported by the Ministry of Labor, that explained that social workers took away the child from the Prilep family, because Lodgevi violated one of the established regulations in the contract which they signed when they took Boshko. The foster family without consultations with the authorities from the Center, invited the media on his first birthday.

The Ministry and Office for Social Welfare of the state shall supervise and inspect the work of the expert team of the Welfare Center.

First Children's Embassy in the World “ Megashi” has been surprised by the Centre’s action. According to its opinion the foster family should be supported and promoted as home model family for every foster child. It is certain that the child is going to have more love and care as a part of  the family than in any other state institution. This is also true for the orphanage “11-th October” in Skopje that has been subject of complaints for improper care of the children more than once.

The Welfare Centre works as Custody Body, entitled within the Family Law, and has particular responsibility regarding the taken measures for protection of the rights of the orphans or children without parental care. In this context the Centre has brought decision for housing of the child in “Majchin Dom” in Bitola.

The child was improving well but seeking more motivating social environment, the expert team and guardian of the team made decision in favour of the foster family from Prilep.

The child was housed in the family by legal decision. Its housing was accompanied by a contract between the Centre and the family that established certain rights and obligations.

One of the responsibilities stated that if the fosters want to include the media in events concerning Boshko, they are obliged to ask for permission from competent court of body. They violated that regulation”, explained Dushko Minovski, sate secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

First Children's Embassy in the World “Megashi” asks whether an expert team has been consulted regarding the taking away of the child from the foster family. According to the Embassy it is another trauma for the child, since the child has often been subject to change of place of living. Further more, the Embassy reckons that this act may be demotivating for other foster families and potential home model families. According to it, the Centre is obliged to inform the family about the seriousness of the agreed rights and obligations, especially regarding giving public statements. They should not begin with child removal procedure immediately.

“ We are surprised by the act on behalf of the Welfare Centre from Bitola, since the family Lodgevi had probably only good intentions by showing their care for the little Boshko.There have been a number of officially documented meetings between the home model families and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. At this point we encounter improper principality of the Center, commented M-r. Dragi Zmijanac.

He asked why wasn’t any child removal procedure brought for little Ernest, who is also housed in the family Lodgevi although is identity has been revealed? Is it possible without any previous decision and resolution, a child to be taken away from a foster family in a day?

According to Mr. Zmijanac, the good intentions of the media and the family to mark Boshko’s birthday and to promote this foster family shall probably harm only the child whose right to home and family has been violated.

“Institutional fostering in the Baby Orphanage in Bitola is not a proper solution for Boshko. Acts should be conducted in interest of the child”, emphasized the executive director of “ Megashi”.