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June 12th -World Day Against Child Labour
The First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi reminds that, even Republic of Macedonia ratified the Convention against Child Labour 6 years ago, the condition is still more than alarming. Over 18.000 children are not included in the educational system, and at least 1.000 children spend their childhood on the streets, living under the open sky, without parental care or supervision. 

 In the researches and surveys made in Macedonia, the children which are on the streets are divided in groups: children without parents, children with one parent, children of divorced parents, children with disturbed family relations. Approximately 30% of the street children are without parents.

The street children in Republic of Macedonia are from all ages and nationalities, but the most -58%, are Roma. Also concerning is the fact that: 15,5% of the street children are of a pre-school age, 64% are from 7 to 14 years old, 88, 5 % manifest socially unacceptable behaviour, while 11, 5% have tolerable social behaviour (according to the Institution for Social Matters in Skopje).

The child labour abuse means work of children which are under the law determined age. We would also like to pint that child labour abuse doesn’t only mean physical work, but also commercial sexual exploitation (child prostitution and pornography), children trafficking, children soldiers.

 There are approximately 246 million world children, 5-17 years old, whose labour is abused. It is almost the population of the USA (293,027,571)! From them, 186 million children are under 15years. It is devastating that the majority - or 110 million are children under the age of.