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In the Struga’s village Labunishta
Nine year old girl sexually abused by a mother’s friend
According to Children's Embassy Megjashi, the primary school “Labunishta” notified that the Center for social Welfare in Struga has not intervened, but the Center announced that they are completely informed about the case as well as that they participate in the undertaken activities about the case.

Two weeks ago the nine year old girl was sexually abused by a friend of her mother, who hardly beat her daughter the day before yesterday, this was the yesterday  reaction on behalf of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi after the call on their SOS phone  by an employed in the Primary school in Labunishta who reported the violence.

According to Embassy Megjashi, Senada Bashkimi, a secretary and jurist at the Primary school “Labunishta” declared that the Center for social Welfare in Struga had been informed about the violence over the girl, but they hadn’t come in the village to talk to the mother, yet.

-          A neighbor called he school, and informed that the mother beats her children. Senada confirmed that when the girl got to school was swollen and bruised. They called the Center for social Welfare in Struga, but the answer was that they have no vehicle available. According to Senada, the mother lives with five minor children, and treats them violently, with no care and protection. The girl weighs 15 kg, it is undernourished and traumatized. The bully, according to her, is a friend of the mother, there are doubts that the mother is involved in prostitution and procuring of the children- “Megashi” stated. The Center announced that they are completely informed about the case and that they participate in the undertaken activities about the case of the little girl from Labunishta.


-          we keep up with all events around the minor pupil ever since 27-th of January, when she was taken to the Medical center in Struga because of excessive bleeding. We visited her home in the village and talked to her mother and other people a couple of times, and the police has been informed about all our activities. For the time being, we may not conclude that the minor student has been victim of pedophilia and prostitution. Our center has custody over the children in this family form Labunishta-stated Karmen Matoska, psychologist in the Center for social Welfare in Struga. For “Dnevnik”, the spokesperson of OVR Ohrid , Stevan Dimovski stated that the police have no information about prostitution and procuring in the Labunishta village.

-          We are working regarding certain information, an if we come to such conclusions they will be publicly announced-stated Dimovski. Children's Embassy Megashi registered the case on 30-th January, when Senada called on the SOS phone to report sexual abuse of a pupil in the school.

-          The girl lives with her mother and four siblings. When we were informed about the case, we immediately informed the local Police station in the Lanbunshta village, as well as in the police station in Struga. Furthermore, we called on the Hospital in Struga, but we were told that they can not release any such information, and that regarding this case we were supposed to get information from the Center for Social Welfare in Struga. We turned to the Center but no one answered our phone calls. Therefore, a week ago we sent written notification to the Center asking from them to inform us whether they are acknowledged with the situation of the girl, whether the bully is detained and whether any other actions have been undertaken. Till today the Center hasn’t sent any information to Megjashi-stated First Children’s Embassy in the World.

Journalist Nikola Sutinski

Dnevnik, 14.2.2009


Translated by: Biljana Stefanovska