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Global Action Week 2006 - Every Child Needs a Teacher

24 April 2006 - Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Global Action Week is here and GCE coalitions in over 100 countries along with Education International, UNESCO and teachers’ unions worldwide have been coming up with amazing ways to mobilise millions of children and the public to shout out to local, national and international governments with the message that: ‘Every Child Needs A Teacher’ if the goal of free quality education for all is to be realised.

This year, Global Action Week will continue to build on the campaigning success of previous years.  Maintaining and increasing pressure on rich and poor countries alike to take urgent action towards achieving Education For All (EFA).

In 2003, over 2 million people in 70 countries participated in the “Big Lesson” on girls’ education, thus breaking the world record for the largest lesson in history. In 2004, 2 million people took part in the “Big Lobby”, when children asked their elected representatives to do more to give every child a chance to go to school. Last year, 5 million people requested world leaders to “Educate to End Poverty” and “Send my Friend to School”.


"Education is a human right and a foundation for a better life. The 2006 Global Action Week will help convince the world's leaders to give every child the chance to go to school." -Angelina Jolie, Honorary Chair of Send My Friend to School Week

Every child needs a teacher

Global Action Week 2006 will focus on teachers with the slogan “Every Child Needs A Teacher”. The following key messages will be addressed: 1) achieving EFA depends on having enough teachers (40 pupils per teacher); 2) teachers need to be professionally trained, adequately paid and well-motivated to achieve the EFA goals; and 3) to achieve this, there must be sufficient financing for the expansion of education systems. GCE, UNESCO, Education International and others will spread these messages across the world to mobilise the interest, commitment and actions of politicians and leaders. 

In the run up to and during the Global EFA Week 2006, a dossier called “The Case for Teachers” will be created by teachers and learners. This dossier will compile evidence on the contribution of teachers to delivering EFA. The dossiers will be used in three main ways: 1) to be handed over during “Official Back to School” Day;  2) to be presented during the “Big Hearing”;  and 3) to be collected and delivered to a Head of State or government, Minister or other high-level official. 
On a nationally agreed “Official Back to School” Day during the Global EFA Week,  politicians, parliamentarians or district-level representatives or dignitaries are invited to visit a school, non-formal education centre, or adult literacy centre. The dossiers will be presented to and discussed with those visitors.
A national event called the “Big Hearing” will be organized at a central national landmark to give chances for public debate on the issues raised by “The Case for Teachers”. The dossiers will be presented to eminent people, including the Head of State or Government, the Ministers of Education and Finance and donors as well as others, such as celebrities, teacher union leaders and journalists. When the dossiers with the name of an author are given to eminent persons, they will be requested to commit to improving the situation and write back to the author to report what has been done to keep their pledged commitment. 
5 million campaigners came together in 2005. How many people will get involved in 2006? Join us in building pressure on politicians to provide money and leadership in achieving Education for All.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.