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The Children and the Divorces - TV Channel 5


What gets created by God let it never be separated. In front of God and the court, the promise is often forgotten. Kidnapping, threatening, manipulations-CODE follows the most bizarre and extreme divorce procedures where children are the victims of parental hatred.

When in a given marriage, love turns out to be hatred, children are the biggest victims. Calm and friendly separations are becoming rarer. In code you will watch how the social work centres determine which parent is better for the child. What is the factor that decides: parental love or the money? Code, right after the news on Channel 5!

Documentary CODE on Sunday (13.11.2011) on TV Channel 5 at 7:30 P.M

Guests: Dragi Zmijanac Founder and Executive Director of the First Children's Embassy in the World, Spiro Ristovski Minister of Labour and Social Policy , Krste Maljanovski Director of the Centre for Social Work and AssDr.Slavica Gajdacis-Knezevic Director of the Psychiatric Hospital
Journalists: Snezana Lupevska and Maja Jovanovska