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“Support on vulnerable groups of children in Macedonia”The First Children Embassy in the World-Megjashi started implementing activities in the framework of the project “Support on vulnerable groups of children in Macedonia” financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation office in Skopje, whose main aim is to contribute for improvement of the life of those group of children through providing social, psychological and legal help. Those activities will contribute for better awareness for the needs of vulnerable children and children from dysfunctional families. As well as that, the project will help to approach those children, provide data for some of them who do not go to school and develop appropriate mechanisms for their protection and support. We think that the activities will contribute in strengthening of the cooperation between municipalities and social work centres, schools and non-governmental institutions in Macedonia, chosen by previously stated criteria.
Project’s target group are vulnerable children in Macedonia:

Homeless children, single-parent children, impoverished children, children with mental disorders, children passing through crisis period in their life, those coming from dysfunctional families (with different types of violence or addiction), children who need rehabilitation, street children or worker children.

In the project’s framework we will organize a 3 day training for municipality representatives that will take place at the end of the last week of October. The purpose of this training is to provide more concrete activities that can be organized to help this group of children. In the second phase of this project, participants together with representatives of First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi, will conduct presentations/workshops for social workers, pedagogues, Ngo’s and teachers from elementary and high schools of a particular municipality. Formation of non-formal network between municipality leaders who work on the field of protecting vulnerable children is also on the agenda.

The purpose of the training is a more thorough introduction of the municipality representatives to the children's rights, a greater sensibility to the problems with which the vulnerable groups of children are facing, finding possibilities for deepening the mutual collaboration, as well as the role of the local self-government in terms of improving the condition of children's rights. The project "Support for the vulnerable groups of children in Macedonia" is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC in Skopje.