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-in summer and cold money from child labor more than ten years in villages with all my family from place to place, n 'is everywhere where there is work, picking grapes, watermelons, peppers. Working all can work, youth and children harvested, old make lunch and washed if they can. This thirteen Ramiz begins the story of his life.

 He lives in the rug along with sixty members of his immediate family. Sun never went to school, nor know how to name. If you ask where it will tell you from Macedonia. Knows what is the alphabet, as picture books and toys is a real luxury. Home for him is the horse car covered with tarpaulin to avoid the rain. In only her torn mattress that sleeps with her ??three sisters and brother, who is two years. Not knowing when he was born, never received a birthday cake, but knows when picked watermelons, peaches when, and when moving in Skopje or Kavadarci to pick grapes.Ramiz is just one of dozens of children from this family that the seasons are measured at the fruit they picked. In spring cucumbers and tomatoes, summer peaches and apricots, grapes, autumn and winter is the hardest, and beg a piece of bread to collect containers in the city where they found the winter. Except in agriculture, child labor is used to work in salons for washing cars, selling fruit and vegetables in the open, collect plastic containers. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs said that no figure on how much the abused child labor, but have the option to take away parental rights of families who abuse children. Faculty mechanicRefik is the person who arranges things with bosses in need of manpower.There are about forty years and craft inherited from his father. - I have a faculty workshop, I learned in Skopje, I have written and I'm link chergarite and bosses. People are important only to take daily, as more family members have, the more money there to spend the winter when no work. All work and youth and children, sparing only the old ones. They do not go in the field, but everything else work, cook, wash, keep children - says Refik. In the present work agreed in September to a plantation of vineyards. - For all I know. I require several months in advance, we agree in principle on wages that are 500 to 700 denars per day. I normally have a commission - laugh Refik. Argatite work more than twelve hours.Children mostly harvested, but most of them wear sacks and crates. Refik says the fact that the harvest in agriculture has many minors is a public secret, never before in his thirty years as agreed work, no inspections to verify that participate in berbite. Proof that nobody prosecute parents are Mary Magdalene, the two twins of a nine-year Strumica countryside that whole summer passed under the truck tarpaulin of his father, selling fruit and vegetables. I needed to go these days because the school year begins. Mother's home, they say, keep the baby who was born in Skopje.While the father follows the purchase of new amount watermelons, they sell themselves. In my pocket have thousands denars. - Small are, but understand money. Walk the markets of five years. None of us asked why we are here. You can help because this money will go winter - say twins.competent guilty Whether Ramiz, Mary Magdalene and the truth leads to one in Macedonia abused child labor. Children sold on the streets, begging and working in salons for washing cars. the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy said that in nadzorite committed employers are found to work with people 15 and less than 15 years, or someone in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy reported abuse of child labor. - There was no complaint or request for protection of employment rights of persons 15 and younger than 15 years of age. The reason for this is certainly a fact that has a high rate of unemployment. Our policy objective is to prevent malicious use of child labor, especially the heavier forms and forms of abuse, and negative impact on the children, their engagement, which negatively reflects on the health, morals, education and leaving education - inform the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. So explain that although it is not about employing children, in practice there are cases where child labor abuses, especially in so-called street children. In order to prevent the kind of child abuse, MLSP implement activities and take measures whose ultimate goal is social inclusion of street children. Thus, the Law on amendments to the Law on social protection are introduced right to day care of street children in day care center for street children, making these children and their families are provided with educational educational services counseling, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities. Child killed at work