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NEW YEAR Greeting Cards

The First Children Embassy in the World-Megjashi has been for 7 years actively conducting the sale of New Year greeting cards. Those seasonal cards are unique creation of Megjashi and could be only found in its premises and the below mentioned on-line shops.

In the beginning, we would like to thank our supporters: those who were buying the greeting cards and those who were doing the advertisements for them and participated in the preparations for and during the sale itself.  

NOVUS enterprise was a great support during the release of the activity-sale of New Year greeting cards. They made the free-of-charge advertisement, as well as TV Sitel that offered us free-of-charge electronic add on their channel.

The remarkable news for this year was the inter-city advertisement we got from the following radio stations in Macedonia:

Radio Bravo-Kumanovo

Radio Stip-Stip

Express Radio-Strumitsa

Radio 106, Radio Love,

Radio Alexander Macedonian-Kicevo

Akcent Media did their contribution by allowing us to use free room for advertising, at several locations in Skopje. 

The Internet shops Excuisite, Gruper and Kupi na popust, offered a cards sale and then made a free fund transaction to Megjashi.

The team of Megjashi was pleasantly surprised for the existing interest of its supporters to make sure that the activity would be successful. The First Children Embassy in the World- Megjashi annually thanks those who supported the sale of the greeting cards and hereby presents the five biggest supporters who purchase New Year Greeting Cards.

Macedonian Telecom

Parliament of Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation

The Community of the Local Authority Units

Ministry of Justice of Republic of Macedonia

Thank you all and wishing you a successful New 2012

All the best!