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Monstrous case of paedophilia and rape in Skopje08.10.2011 - 13:54 | Macedonia

Minor girl was for months surviving the sexual torture of her stepfather. He threatened he would not give her money and allowance to socialize with friends. Therefore, the 51-year-old paedophile from Skopje used the time when the mother was at work and was raping the girl younger than 14 years.

He was violently undressing her, touching the breasts and genitals. During the sexual act he was holding the hand of his mouth about not being able to shout for help. The series of horrifying cases of rape and paedophilia were reported by her 32-year-old mother, who heard for them on the 5th of this month. That was the day when the girl was raped last time. After she took her half-brother to school she returned home to sleep. Suddenly, her stepfather burst into the room and woke her up afterwards the forced sexual intercourse began. But his step-daughter was not the only victim in this case. On the 30th last month he threatened her to bring a friend who also raped after having previously locked the front door of the house. The stepfather is now arrested in a police station in Gazi Baba and already brought in front of an investigative judge.

Translated by:Mila Damjanoska